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In order to assist our clients in adhering to OH&S regulations, we offer instant, online training modules to certify you to use an Australian Standards AS3547 breathalyser in your workplace.

A 'Certificate of Attainment' is issued immediately upon completion and can be downloaded online.


Online Certification - ENROL NOW!

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Alcolimit RBT Mini and Retail Pack
RBT Mini Unit
RBT Mini and App
RBT Mini Personal Breathalyser
Smartphone breathalyser with app
RBT Mini Breathalyser Review
RBT Mini Breathhalyser Settings
RBT Mini Package Contents
RBT Mini Breathalyser Mouthpiece

AlcoLimit RBT Mini Breathalyser

Product code:

RRP $229

Alcolimit Maverick Breathalyser
AlcoLimit Stryker LED mouthpiece

AlcoLimit Maverick Breathalyser

Product code:

RRP $219

ON SALE $169

Stryker image
Stryker LED mouthpiece
Stryker LED Display

AlcoLimit Stryker Breathalyser

Product code:


AlcoLimit AlcoTrack Breathalyser
AlcoTrack and Package
AlcoTrack AS3547 Logo
AlcoTrack Package and Contents
AlcoTrack Zip Up Case Contents
AlcoTrack Alcolimit Display

AlcoLimit AlcoTrack Breathalyser

Product code:


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