Choosing a breathalyser:

Firstly, is it for personal or workplace testing?

If it's for personal use please click here to view our personal breathalysers. For workplace testing you'll need a breathalyser with Australian Standards AS3547 Certification so please choose one of the breath alcohol testers below.

Secondly, decide if you need a handheld portable breathalyser unit or a wall-mounted fixed unit. Handheld units provide portability and are ideal for situations where you need to monitor employees breath alcohol readings directly and record the results for WH&S purposes. Wall mounted units are generally placed in a locker room or other facility where employees can perform an anonymous self-test prior to entering the workplace.

Finally, decide if you need to download the data or print the results for WH&S auditing purposes. In that case the AlcoLimit WORKSafe will be your best option.

We recommend training your testing staff prior to performing alcohol testing in the workplace. A range of training courses are available to certify your staff online. Click here for details.

All of our breathalysers are tested at Australia's leading NATA laboratory, for accuracy and durability, prior to release on the market.

Call us on 1300 667 661 for assistance with making your selection.


Know your limit - Don't drink and drive!

Our range of workplace breathalysers include high quality semi-conductor sensor and electrochemical fuel cell technology options. 


For advise on selecting the right breathalyser for your situation and lifestyle, please call our customer service line on 1300 667 661 for advice.

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AlcoLimit Enforcer 3 Breathalyser

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