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Privacy Policy

Commitment to Privacy

AlcoLimit Breathalysers Pty Ltd, ABN 25 104 425 434 is committed to managing personal information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“Privacy Act”) and in accordance with other applicable privacy laws.

AlcoLimit Breathalysers Pty Ltd provides services which allow you to sell or purchase goods and services (including on behalf of third party merchants) via our website ( or app (collectively, the “Sites”) (collectively, the “Services”).

This document explains how we collect, use, disclose and protect your personal information (“Your Information”) and is referred to as our Privacy Policy.

In this Privacy Policy, “we”, “our” and “us” refers to AlcoLimit Breathalysers Pty Ltd and “you” or “your” refers to any individual about whom we collect personal information.

This Privacy Policy applies to all personal information collected by us, including personal information collected or submitted through our Sites.

We take privacy very seriously and are committed to the protection of your privacy. By providing Your Information to us, you understand we will handle and treat Your Information in accordance with the practices described in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with any of the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not submit any personal information to us



How does AlcoLimit Breathalysers Pty Ltd collect Your Information?

Generally, we collect Your Information directly from you where possible. We may collect and update Your Information over the phone, by email, or over the internet or social media such as when you provide Your Information to us by:

  • - accessing our Sites;

  • - using our Services;

  • - completing any forms on the Sites; or

  • - making any requests or transactions through the Sites.


We may also collect Your Information from other sources, for example:

  • - our affiliated and related companies;

  • - third party suppliers and contractors who assist us to operate our business; and

  • - third party resellers or affiliates, or other third party intermediaries who introduce you to us and our Services

Where personal information is collected from a third party, AlcoLimit Breathalysers Pty Ltd will treat Your Information in accordance with the practices described in this Privacy Policy. AlcoLimit Breathalysers Pty Ltd cannot guarantee the accuracy of personal information provided by a third party.

How do we interact with you via the Internet?

Website and cookies

You may visit our Sites without identifying yourself. If you identify yourself (for example, by logging in as member or registering for membership), Your Information you provide to AlcoLimit Breathalysers Pty Ltd will be managed in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

If you visit our Sites, we may collect certain information, such as the type of device or browser you’re using, IP address, your device ID (a numeric identifier for your mobile device, if you access our Sites using a mobile device), the time of your visit, the duration and the pages you accessed on our Sites. We may also collect information on how you navigate our Sites and generally use our Sites. This is to, amongst other things, help us to provide a positive user experience on our Sites, including optimising our marketing activities to help us ensure that advertisements on the Sites are most directly relevant to your interests and to personalise your browsing experience (for example, by remembering your preferences and recognising you as a repeat visitor to our Sites).

To do so, we use cookies to help us collect information about visitors to our Sites. Cookies are small data files sent by a website or application that are stored by the web browser on your device that enable our system to recognise a returning visitor to our Sites. You are not identifiable from such information.

We may from time to time, use other technical methods of identifying your interaction with our Sites, which has similar functionality to cookies to provide our Services to you. Most browsers can be set to detect cookies and you can control how your browser deals with cookies by changing your browser settings (for example by rejecting cookies). However, in doing so, you may not be able to use certain content on our Sites and may not have the same user experience.

Why does AlcoLimit Breathalysers Pty Ltd collect and use Your Information?

In summary, AlcoLimit Breathalysers Pty Ltd only collects Your Information where it is reasonably necessary for us to carry out our business functions or activities, including to assess and manage our customer’s needs and provide Services to our customers. We may also collect information to fulfil administrative functions associated with the Services, for example, billing and managing customer and other business relationships. We also collect information to improve our Services and how you and other customers interact with them.

We also collect personal information to administer and manage relationships with our shareholders. AlcoLimit Breathalysers Pty Ltd may allow shareholders and other visitors to our website to sign up for alerts and otherwise communicate with us.

The purposes for which we collect and use Your Information depends on the nature of your interaction with us, but may include:

  • - enabling you to access and use the Services;

  • - researching, developing, expanding and improving our products and the Services;

  • - administering your account with us;

  • - providing you with our Services;

  • - analysing your interactions and use of our Sites to understand and improve the effectiveness of our marketing initiatives;

  • - keeping and updating records and databases to ensure the smooth operation of our business and Services;

  • - communicating with you about changes or developments to our Services and business or in the normal course of business dealings, including via email to SMS;

  • - to send you communications and notices in connection with your account on our Sites;

  • - responding to your enquiries or requests for information, including about our Services;

  • maintaining and improving our customer service by monitoring our Services for quality and training purposes;

  • - managing our relationship with you, for example if you are a supplier, business partner or shareholder; and

  • - managing, planning, advertising and administering programs and events which may be of interest to you.

How do we use or disclose Your Information?

For customers and business partners

The purposes for which we may use and disclose Your Information will depend on the Services we are providing to you. For example, if you have engaged us to provide our Services to you, we may disclose Your Information as follows:

  • - to our third party service partners to permit them to provide products and services on our behalf, including fraud prevention;

  • - to our third party merchants to either: (i) deliver/provide goods or services ordered; or (ii) redeem vouchers you have purchased; and

  • - to intermediaries where you accept or indicate you wish to receive a Third Party Offer; to ensure the protection of Your rights, property or personal safety, any member of the public, or to protect our interests.


AlcoLimit Breathalysers Pty Ltd will also use and disclose Your Information for a range of administrative, management and operational purposes. This includes:

  • - planning, managing, monitoring and evaluating our Services;

  • - quality improvement activities;

  • - statistical analysis and reporting;

  • - training staff, contractors and other workers;

  • - risk management and management of legal liabilities and claims (for example, liaising with insurers and legal representatives);

  • - responding to enquiries and complaints regarding our Services;

  • - obtaining advice from consultants and other professional advisers; and

  • - responding to subpoenas and other legal orders and obligations.

Should you have any questions regarding our privacy policy please contact us during business hours on 1300 667 661.

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