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Professional Use


Professional grade Australian Standards AS3547 approved workplace breathalyser with a high quality electrochemical Fuel Cell Sensor.

Suitable for heavy-duty, rapid testing, the AlcoLimit WORKSafe stores all of your results ready for later download to your PC or print directly to a printer,


- 3 decimal place accuracy

- Heavy duty fuel cell sensor

- Range of 0.000-0.500%BAC

- Large digital display

- Simple and easy to use

- Rapid results for workplace testing

- Australian Standards AS3547 approved

WORKSafe Breathalyser Unit
WORKSafe Breathalyser Display
WORKSafe Breathalyser Mouthpiece
WORKSafe Breathalyser Connectors
WORKSafe Breathalyser SD card slot


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Personal Breathalyser Types

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Workplace Breathalyser Types

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The AlcoLimit WORKSafe Breathalyser has been designed for durability, reliability, accuracy and convenience.


Conforming to Australian Standards AS3547 ensures the accuracy, durability and functionality of the WORKSafe breathalyser has been thoroughly tested.


3 decimal point accuracy with a range of 0.000%BAC to 0.500%BAC. Recalibration every 6 months. No auto shutdown feature allowing continued testing after the recalibration warning.


Recommended for use in all workplaces, transport, construction, mining, airports, engineering & manufacturing. Also recommended for use at public events, school formals, clubs, restaurants and where RSA guidelines are enforced.
Ideal for screening all employees in safety sensitive fields.



The AlcoLimit WORKSafe Max30 Software and Printer allow for simple and easy downloading of test results at the end of the day’s testing. Test results can be downloaded to the software and exported to Excel or a hardcopy can printed on the heavy-duty portable printer. When using the printer you can print each test on the go or print a summary at the end of the test session.The AlcoLimit WORKSafe Max30 Software and Printer ensure your OH&S records are easily maintained. 


The PC software package is included free-of-charge with the WORKSafe breathalyser. The thermal printer may be purchased separately.



Simple, Intuitive Menus

The AlcoLimit WORKSafe Breathalyser menu uses simple terms, a logical layout and is very easy to navigate.


For full details on the menu options we recommend downloading the User Instruction Manual















The AlcoLimit WORKSafe Breathalyser handset allows for greater portability in the field, providing opportunities for on-site testing in remote locations or ‘incident-based’ circumstances.


Simply conduct the day’s testing with the The AlcoLimit WORKSafe handset then download the data at your convenience.


Data Storage

The AlcoLimit WORKSafe Breathalyser handset stores 500 test results at a time which can then be downloaded to the PC software or printed directly to the printer. Data can be stored on an SD card for later reference.


OH&S Compliance

The stored data can be exported to a disk or printed and included in staff personnel folders or your organisation’s  WH&S register for accurate record keeping.  This also allows for a reduction in human error when it comes to collecting, recording and transposing the test results.


Some organisations may print individual results for inclusion in staff personnel files in addition to downloading a summary of all results to a PC.


PC Software Connectivity

Easy to install software allows data to be downloaded to your PC. Test your employees then download and export the data to an Excel speadsheet for printing and storage. Simple menus, searchable data fields and clear language make this ideal for all workplaces. 


Download All Results

The software package stores and displays the handset (device) information including the serial number, software version and date of last calibration. This information is important for future reference in case of dispute by an employee.
















Data downloaded includes the Date, Time, %BAC reading and PASS/FAIL indication.



Extract & Select Results

The data search function enables the  selection of specified data which can then be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

















A range of tests can be selected via:


    Test number ie:  1-500

    Test date range ie: 2012-01-23  -  2012-01-26 

    %BAC reading range  ie: all results in the range 0.001-0.050 %BAC

    Test result PASS/FAIL criteria



Portable Printer

The WORKSafe Printer allows for printing of test results on an individual basis as well  as printing results in bulk format.


Each printout displays the serial number and details of the WORKSafe Breathalyser handset used plus the date of last calibration.


The printer is compact, light weight and runs on AA batteries. (AC power pack also included)  It is heavy duty and designed for high volume printing. Standard thermal paper is used making it easy to  replace.


Individual Test Results

Printing individual test results is quick and easy. Simply connect the WORKSafe breathalyser handset to the printer, select the results in the memory you wish to print and the results are instantly printed on the portable printer.


This method provides the print out format below which contains a space for the Operator name and signature as well as the Subject name and signature . This is ideal for storing in personnel files or for secondary testing of a positive result.

Downloading Test Results

If you are testing people in bulk you have multiple options for printing the results after-the-fact.


Printing the Last Result Only

If you only wish to print individual test results for those who test positive, connect the WORKSafe breathalyser to the printer immediately after the test you wish to download and the last result can be printed.




Printing Multiple Results

At the end of a day’s testing you can print all of your results in bulk. This is a convenient feature allowing you to keep a record of all results on file.


Results can be downloaded in batches of as many test results as you select or ALL tests.  (max. 500)




In-built Safety and Precision Technologies


AlcoLimit's Flow Control Technology means that the sensor checks the flow rate of your breath and must receive an adequate air sample before it will provide you with a reading. This is just one of the safety measures built into the AlcoLimit range.


AlcoLimit's Intelli-sensor Recognition Technology checks the sensor condition every time you use your breathalyser. Stability of the sensor is analysed as well as the level of alcohol residue built-up on the sensor. An indication will be given if the sensor needs recalibration.


Product specifications are subject to change for the purposes of product improvement