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Fast, professional service - every time!

We pride ourselves on the quality, accuracy and speed of our calibration service. Our trained technicians aim to calibrate, check and/or repair your breathalyser within 24-48 hours and return it to you as quickly as possible.

Product Servicing - Recalibration

If the information you require is not below, see our FAQ page or please call us on 1300 667 661 and our technicians will assist you over the phone.



Why Do I need To Get My Breathalyser Recalibrated and How often?

We recommend recalibration every 1-6 months for professional use models and 6-12 months for personal use, depending upon usage levels. eg. For personal use, if you use your AlcoLimit 2-3 times per week then recalibration is recommended every 6 months. If you use it less frequently, say every 1-2 weeks, then recalibration is required every 12 months. All breathalysers should be recalibrated at a minimum of every 12 months irrespective of use because the calibration setting can drift over time whether or not it is used.

If you are a heavier drinker and blow high levels of alcohol vapour into the sensor or share your AlcoLimit with your mates on a weekend, then you will need recalibration sooner than 6 months.


For workplace use, your breathalyser must be calibrated in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications as indicated in your user manual. This is required to maintain the Australian Standards certification on your device.

If you have any doubt as to the reading you are receiving from your AlcoLimit then please send your unit to us to be recalibrated. Breathalysers are sensitive equipment and need regular maintenance to maintain their specified accuracy.

Recalibration is required because alcohol residue builds up on the sensor and this must be cleaned due to it affecting the accuracy of the device over time. The sensor needs to be cleaned professionally. Do not try and clean it yourself as you may damage the sensor and the device will not work properly. A special fluid needs to be flushed through the sensor and the electronics need to be reset during recalibration.


How Do I know When My AlcoLimit Needs Recalibration?

Your breathalyser will take much longer to warm up - over 2 minutes, consecutive readings will be inconsistent or unexpectedly high eg. 3 in a row varying greatly (this occurs because there is a build up of alcohol residue on the sensor and it cannot read your breath properly).

If your AlcoLimit displays SEN, or any other errors please send it back to us for servicing.

Unlike other breathalysers, Alcolimit will not shut down after a certain number of uses. You will still be able to use your AlcoLimit but please be aware that if you fail to get it recalibrated in the time periods stated you will not be getting the most accurate readings and may void your warranty.



How Much Does a Breathalyser Cost to Recalibrate?



AlcoLimit Enforcer 2  (SRS available - see below)

AlcoLimit Enforcer 3  (SRS available - see below)

AlcoLimit RBT Mini

AlcoLimit Vivid

AlcoLimit Defender

AlcoLimit Maverick

AlcoLimit Stryker



$85   (Workplace Fuel Cell Sensor models)

AlcoLimit Protector

AlcoLimit WORKSafe

AlcoLimit AlcoTrack

AlcoLimit RBT Wallmount sensor



Pre-calibrated Sensor (SRS)


Purchase a pre-calibrated sensor if your breathalyser has SRS technology. Our technicians will receive your order, calibrate your sensor and post it out to you for you to install yourself. See full details at below under the SRS Technology section.



Pre-pay Recalibration Service Fee


Pre-pay your service fee and send your receipt with your breathalyser to ensure the fastest turn-around time at our service centre.

Our technicians will prioritise your calibration and dispatch your breathalyser within 24 hours of receiving it.

The cost of recalibration includes return postage to you with a tracking number.
When posting your Alcolimit Breathalyser to us you are advised to send it Registered Mail for tracking purposes.





OPTION 1 - See our ACCESSORIES page to either purchase a Pre-calibrated Sensor (SRS) or pre-pay your Recalibration Service Fee.


OPTION 2 - Pre-pay with Credit Card over the phone - please call us on 1300 667 661 before sending your breathalyser to us.


OPTION 3 - If you do not have a credit card or debit card please send a money order made out to : 'AlcoLimit Breathalysers Pty. Ltd.'



OPTION 4 - If no payment is received with your breathalyser our technicians will phone you to process your credit card details over the phone or send through an invoice via email.



Post your unit direct to our service centre:

AlcoLimit Breathalysers Pty. Ltd.
Attn: Recalibration Dept.
P.O. Box 164
Burleigh Heads, QLD 4220

Please include your Name, Return Postal Address, Daytime Phone Number and Payment.

Your unit will usually be returned to you within a week.

We recommend you complete the form below and return it with your breathalyser to ensure you have provided all required details to service your breathalyser. This will prevent delays in us getting your breathalyser back to you.


Product Servicing - Warranty Repairs


The following warranty is provided with all AlcoLimit Breathalysers as required under Australian Consumer Law.


"Manufacturer warrants for one calendar year the product to be free from defects in workmanship or materials (excluding calibration) in normal service from the date of purchase. Manufacturer’s obligation under this warranty is limited to replacing or repairing the unit if returned along with proof of purchase. This warranty is void if unit has been tampered with, misused, dropped, maliciously damaged or used for any purpose other than that intended.

The cost to return the unit to the manufacturer’s service centre is at the expense of the consumer. The consumer is welcome to drop the unit off at our service centre in person. The consumer must contact our customer service centre prior to returning the unit to us to enable our technicians to diagnose the fault over the phone.

Upon returning the unit to our service centre under warranty, should the unit be found not to be faulty, the consumer is liable for the freight cost to return the item to them. Should the unit be found to be faulty the freight cost to return the item to the consumer will be borne by the manufacturer.

For faults with the Protector Vehicle Interlock we recommend returning to the licensed auto electrician that installed your product. Ask them to check all wiring and attempt to diagnose the fault. We do not have this facility at our office. We can repair the handset and provide replacement parts for the main unit to the licensed auto electrician to enable the repair of your product. We do not, however, cover the cost of labour. 

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure."


Before returning your breathalyser under warranty please call our technicians on 1300 667 661 as we may be able to resolve the issue over the phone and save you the trouble of returning your breathalyser to us.


In 99.9% of cases we are able to resolve the issue over the phone.


If we are unable to resolve the issue over the phone we may request you return your breathalyser to us for a full diagnosis.


When returning your breathalyser to us please include a photocopy of your purchase receipt and an explanation of the issue you are having with the breathalyser. Please also include your daytime contact phone number so we can contact you with an update.


Diagnosis is usually completed within 24 hours of receiving your breathalyser.



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Personal Breathalyser Types

Alcosense elite, alcosense mini, alcosense checkmate, alcosense zenith, alcosense stealth, alcosense verity, alcosense pro, alcosense volt, drivesafe personal breathalyser, lifeguard personal breathalyser, Alcolizer EC – Easy check Series, Alcolizer HH3 - Handheld Series, Alcohawk slim breathalyser, Alcohawk slim ultra breathalyser, Alcohawk slim 2 breathalyser, Alcohawk precision breathalyser, Alcohawk ABI breathalyser, Alcohawk PRO breathalyser, Alcohawk CA2010 breathalyser, Alcohawk PT500 breathalyser, Enforcer 2 breathalyser, Enforcer 3 breathalyser, BACtrack smartphone breathalyser, Protector breathalyser, Protector vehicle interlock breathalyser


Workplace Breathalyser Types

Alcosense precision, alcosense prodigy, alcosense surety, alcosense soberpoint, alcosense FR9000 interlock, Alcoquant 6020, Alcolizer LE5 – Law enforcement Series, Alcolizer Wall mount 4, Enforcer 3 breathalyser, Protector breathalyser, Protector vehicle interlock breathalyser, Worksafe breathalyser, RBT wall mount breathalyser, wall mount breathalyser, industrial breathalyser,



Instant Self-Servicing on-the-spot!

The inconvenience of sending your breathalyser for regular recalibration is now a thing of the past with our new Self-Replaceable Sensor (SRS) technology.


Look for the SRS symbol on selected models for this option.

Instant self-servicing

Self-replaceable Sensor Technology (SRS)

The inconvenience of sending your breathalyser for regular recalibration is now a thing of the past with our Self-Replaceable Sensor (SRS) technology. Simply order a pre-calibrated sensor, click out your old sensor and click in the new one and you're ready for testing.

AlcoLimit Breathalysers are the leaders in self-replaceable sensor technology in Australia. The general public have used this technology in our Enforcer 2 breathalyser since 2007. We have also rolled this technology out to selected breathalysers in our range of workplace breathalysers.


There are 2 types of sensors used for SRS technology:


- Semi-Conductor Sensor

- Electrochemical Fuel Cell Sensor


Semi-Conductor Sensor (disposable type) - this type of sensor is for low volume testing, is inexpensive and generally discarded after use. Simply remove the used sensor and replace it with a new pre-calibrated one. The used sensor is thrown away.


Electrochemical Fuel Cell Sensor (recalibration type) - this type of sensor is for heavy duty use, is more expensive and can be recalibrated. We recommend you always have a spare sensor on hand, remove the used sensor and replace it with the freshly calibrated one. Then send the used sensor to our service centre for recalibration.

SRS Technology is currently available for the following models:

AlcoLimit Enforcer 2 Breathalyser - sensor cost $49.50    (disposable type)
AlcoLimit Enforcer 3 Breathalyser - sensor cost $
49.50    (disposable type)

AlcoLimit DUI Wallmount Breathalyser - sensor cost $49.50    (disposable type)
AlcoLimit RBT Wallmount Breathalyser - sensor cost $225   (recalibration type)

All prices above include overnight freight to you via Australia Post.

When your breathalyser is due to be recalibrated, simply order a replaceable sensor module from our technicians. They will calibrate the sensor module on the day you place your order and overnight express it to you.

Once you receive it, simply follow the instruction page provided with the sensor or view the applicable
servicing video below.


Instructional Videos

How to blow into an ALCOLIMIT Breathalyser correctly. 

Enforcer 2
Self Replaceable
Sensor Installation

Self Replaceable Sensor Installation for units purchased prior to May 25th 2018.

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