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Onsite Drug and Alcohol Testing Products and Training Courses
Workplace Urine and Saliva Drug Testing Kits and Training Courses

Onsite Diagnostics Pty. Ltd. is a leader in drug and alcohol test kit innovation.

Their drug and alcohol testing products are specifically designed to suit Australian workplaces.


They are the leading supplier of saliva and urine workplace drug testing kits, Drug and Alcohol Screening Officer training courses and consumables to the Australian Mining sector, Construction Industry, Government Hospitals and medical centres.


Their products include various combinations of the following drug groups; amphetamine AMP, methamphetamine MET, opiates OPI, marijuana THC, cocaine COC and benzodiazepines BZO as prescribed by Australian Standards AS/NZS4308:2008 and AS4760:2006.

Additionally, they were the first Australian company to include K2 (Synthetic Marijuana) in their urine drug test cup, known as the Onsite Eco Cup. K2 - Synthetic Marijuana is now available in their oral saliva tests, too.

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