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Why AlcoLimit Breathalysers?      

Our Brand - "Australia's Leading Brand!"AlcoLimit is the most recognised brand in Australia for breathalysers. With an AlcoLimit product you can be assured it has been fully tested by the Police Laboratory (NATA Lab.) for accuracy and durability, prior to release on the Australian market.
Our brand strategy is to provide 'affordable' breath alcohol testers to both general consumers and workplaces. Before AlcoLimit was born, the most affordable breathalyser with Australian Standards was around $1000. Now the same type of unit is available from us for less than $300.  Look out for the Australian Standards (AS3547) mark on our workplace testers.
Our breathalysers are all freshly calibrated prior to leaving our warehouse thus ensuring your breath alcohol tester is accurate.
Our Service - Superior!
At AlcoLimit we are committed to providing superior service and will take time to help you understand our product range and find a breathalyser to suit your needs.
Whether you work in the mining, construction, manufacturing, transport, occupational health and safety, hospital, medical centre, hospitality or any other industry where drug and alcohol testing takes place, we have a unit to suit your needs.
Our recalibrations are performed in-house. Unlike our competitors, we don't send your breathalyser to a third party for servicing. Our trained staff test, repair and recalibrate your alcohol tester in our laboratory. This means that when you have questions about your AlcoLimit we have staff on-hand to answer your most technical questions. We leave the recalibration frequency up to you but do recommend certain time frames.
Unlike our competitors we don't set our products to automatically shutdown forcing you to recalibrate them even when it's not needed. (a revenue raising strategy)
The turnaround on recalibrations is 2-4 working days (the fastest in the business!). We recalibrate and overnight freight your breathalyzer to you the same day we receive it. We service all areas in NSW, TAS, VIC, ACT, SA, NT, WA or QLD. Simply call us on 1300 667 661.
Our Products - Stylish and Accurate!
Our products are available in most large retail outlets and available directly on 1300 667 661.  
Our hand held breathalysers are portable, reliable and accurate. They are smart looking and lightweight. All run on just 2 x AA batteries or 2 x AAA batteries.
After waiting 20 minutes after your last drink you simply need to blow a full lung of air into the sensor (mouthpiece) and the device will analyse your breath sample and provide a reading on the digital screen. (Unlike breathalysers in the old days, all of our models are digital, displaying readings like 0.05%BAC.)
Our products are used in the following industries: mining, construction, manufacturing, transport, occupational health and safety, hospitals, medical centres, hospitality, restaurants, motor sport, sporting events and wineries.
New Innovations - Hand-held v's Wall Mount
Handheld units are generally purchased by personal users, or workplaces that need a portable device to test staff at multiple locations. Our wall mounted breathalysers are heavily used in the mining and construction industries at a point of entry to the workplace and in employee locker rooms (enabling them a voluntary self-test prior to walking on-site).
Our wall mounted breathalysers are being used in pubs, clubs and a large number of RSL clubs as part of a Government initiative to bring awareness to the effects of alcohol and prevent drink driving.
Servicing of wall mounted breathalysers in pubs and clubs was previously an issue about 5 years ago. The wall-mounted breathalysers were used for drinking games and the sensors became soaked with alcohol residue rendering them useless to other patrons until they were serviced.
Due to the servicing problem with other brands of breathalysers, we released the AlcoLimit Wallmount SRS technology which allows simple and easy replacement of the sensor.  This eliminates down-time by allowing the workplace or pub to follow the prompts and install the new pre-calibrated sensor module themselves.
Wall-mounted units are being used in workplaces, entryways and licensed premises.  More and more pubs are installing them to not only generate revenue but also to show their adherence to the Responsible Service of Alcohol guidelines. 


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