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Instant Self-Servicing on-the-spot!

The inconvenience of sending your breathalyser for regular recalibration is now a thing of the past with our new Self-Replaceable Sensor (SRS) technology.


Look for the SRS symbol on selected models for this option.

Instant self-servicing

Self-replaceable Sensor Technology (SRS)

The inconvenience of sending your breathalyser for regular recalibration is now a thing of the past with our Self-Replaceable Sensor (SRS) technology. Simply order a pre-calibrated sensor, click out your old sensor and click in the new one and you're ready for testing.

AlcoLimit Breathalysers are the leaders in self-replaceable sensor technology in Australia. The general public have used this technology in our Enforcer 2 breathalyser since 2007. We have also rolled this technology out to selected breathalysers in our range of workplace breathalysers.


There are 2 types of sensors used for SRS technology:


- Semi-Conductor Sensor

- Electrochemical Fuel Cell Sensor


Semi-Conductor Sensor (disposable type) - this type of sensor is for low volume testing, is inexpensive and generally discarded after use. Simply remove the used sensor and replace it with a new pre-calibrated one. The used sensor is thrown away.


Electrochemical Fuel Cell Sensor (recalibration type) - this type of sensor is for heavy duty use, is more expensive and can be recalibrated. We recommend you always have a spare sensor on hand, remove the used sensor and replace it with the freshly calibrated one. Then send the used sensor to our service centre for recalibration.

SRS Technology is currently available for the following models:

AlcoLimit Platinum Breathalyser - sensor cost $49.50   (disposable type)   
AlcoLimit Enforcer 2 Breathalyser - sensor cost $
49.50    (disposable type)
AlcoLimit Enforcer 3 Breathalyser - sensor cost $
49.50    (disposable type)
AlcoLimit DUI Wallmount Breathalyser - sensor cost $
49.50   (disposable type)
AlcoLimit RBT Wallmount Breathalyser - sensor cost $225   (recalibration type)

All prices above include overnight freight to you via Australia Post.

When your breathalyser is due to be recalibrated, simply order a replaceable sensor module from our technicians. They will calibrate the sensor module on the day you place your order and overnight express it to you.

Once you receive it, simply follow the instruction page provided with the sensor or view the applicable
servicing video below.


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Personal Breathalyser Types

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Workplace Breathalyser Types

Alcosense precision, alcosense prodigy, alcosense surety, alcosense soberpoint, alcosense FR9000 interlock, Alcoquant 6020, Alcolizer LE5 – Law enforcement Series, Alcolizer Wall mount 4, Enforcer 3 breathalyser, Protector breathalyser, Protector vehicle interlock breathalyser, Worksafe breathalyser, RBT wall mount breathalyser, wall mount breathalyser, industrial breathalyser,

Enforcer 2
Self Replaceable
Sensor Installation

Instructional Videos

Self Replaceable Sensor Installation for units purchased prior to May 25th 2018.

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