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Thank you for placing an order with us.

Your transaction has been completed and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. You may log into your account at to view details of this transaction.
Your order will be shipped during business hours Monday - Friday 9am-5pm.

Once our shipping department receives your order you will be emailed a tracking number within 24 hours and will be able to track your package online with one of our couriers.

All items are sent via overnight express. If you live in a remote location please allow and additional 1-2 days to receive your package.

For redemptions using a reseller's voucher, please understand that a backlog in orders often occurs when we run a large promotion and it may take up to 3 weeks for your order to be processed.

If you have purchased a breathalyser we would like to remind you that it is important to always wait 20 minutes after drinking alcohol before testing yourself to ensure accurate results.

If you have any questions at all please call our customer service department on 
1300 667 661.

We trust you will be happy with your purchase :-)

From the team @ AlcoLimit Breathalysers

Thank you for your order!
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